Tropical Follies


Discover the beauty of Latin America with “TROPICAL FOLLIES” – A Vaudevillian Extravaganza that will take you from coast to coast through a night of hot rhythms, burlesque, live music, tap dancing, comedy & more!

Mila brings you back to the  glory of the CASSINO DA URCA, Rio’s most spectacular casino back in the 1940s, the epitome of Rio’s golden era of glamour where Carmen Miranda was the resident star before moving to Hollywood. 

Ethnic minorities such as Latinos hardly appeared in early Hollywood and if so, were often typecast in negative, subservient roles. This revue celebrates the Latin artists who broke the mold like Dolores Del Rio, Carmen Miranda, Ricky Ricardo, Rita Hayworth, Cantinflas and many more.

Created & Produced in 2015 by Mila Spigolon, this 90min musical revue serves-up an intoxicating blend of Old Hollywood with the finest Vaudevillian acts to enchant and entertain any audience!