Mila Spigolon is a Brazilian Vedette, Actress, Singer & Dancer based in Los Angeles specialized in Tap, Burlesque, Clowning, Swing & Jazz Age Dances. With a sultry style of performance, Mila is a musical and burlesque star and has been entertaining all over the world for over 15 years. She is a Clown/Magicianโ€™s daughter andContinue reading “About”

About Me

Mila Spigolon is an artist of many skills and creates magic on and off stage:ย professional dancer,ย alternativeย model, singer, actress, dance instructor and choreographer specialized in Tap Dancing, Musical Theatre, Burlesque and Authenticย Swing and Jazz Age Dances.ย  Mila have been performing since her 6 years old. She is a magicianโ€™s daughter and grew up in South BrazilContinue reading “About Me”