Mila Spigolon presents seductive and high energy shows full of flavor that will take you back to Rio’s Golden Era of Entertainment!

Inspired by Old Hollywood and Latin musicals, Mila will enchant and entertain you with different acts including Samba, Exotic Dances, Tap, Swing and famous Carmen Miranda’s tunes. Offering an original and unique show with a bright and colorful atmosphere to light up any kind of event!





         Song: Delicado/Brasileirinho                                             Duration:4:40

Chiquita Banana peels off her Banana dress while dancing the original samba from the streets of Rio de Janeiro!


Song: Brazil                                               Duration: 6:20

“She’s enchantment of the tropical nights and hot rhythms under South American skies. But don’t be fooled by her sweet looks. She can be as devious as an lioness. One move of her hips ad the world trembles.”

Mila brings you back to the glory of the CASSINO DA URCA, Rio’s most spectacular casino back in the 1930s, the epitome of Rio’s golden era of glamour where Carmen Miranda was the resident star before moving to Hollywood.



                   Song: El Cumbachero                                                   Duration: 3:38min

Ethnic minorities such as Latinos hardly appeared in early Hollywood and if so, were often typecast in negative, subservient roles. This Act celebrates some of the women who broke the mold like Dolores Del Rio, Rita Moreno, Rita Hayworth and off course Carmen Miranda, the Hispanic silver screen stars.

Award Winner Act where Mila became the Miss Burlesque Idol Los Angeles 2015.



Song: Carioca              Duration: 4min

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most wonderful places we have on our planet and you’re gonna find different tribes that have never had any contact with the rest of the world! And Just like the Rainforest, the Amazon Princess is beautiful to behold but dangerous to uncover. With Tap Dancing and Authenic Jazz moves inspired by Josephine Baker Mila will dazzle the audience dancing wildly to a Jazz version of “Carioca”


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