Mila Spigolon is a Brazilian Actress, Singer & Dancer based in Los Angeles. Specialized in Tap Dancing, Burlesque and Authentic Swing & Jazz Age Dances. Her creations are inspired by Vaudeville, Old Hollywood Musicals and Circus and for over fifteen years Mila has been celebrating life entertaining all over the world.

She is a Clown/ Magician’s daughter and grew up in Brazil surrounded by rabbits and top hats, working with Circus, Puppet Theater and Dance since her 10 years old.

Miss Spigolon is the creator and producer of Tropical Follies – “A Vaudevillian Extravaganza”. A Revue that celebrates the Latin American Culture featuring Dance, Music, Comedy and Burlesque.

Mila is recently working on her debut EP with original songs written by her and featuring songs written by her partner and acclaimed British Singer Songwriter Pete Molinari. With an eclectic free spirit her music is influenced by jazz, boleros, traditional Brazilian folk and gypsy music. Mila & Pete also perform as a dynamic duo which features a unique style of acoustic music and tap dancing.


LOS ANGELES, CA — 2019 PETE MOLINARI with MILA SPIGOLON PORTRAITS British Singer / Songwriter Photos by Victoria Smith

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