Mila Spigolon is a Brazilian Actress, Singer & Dancer based in Los Angeles. Specialized in Tap, Burlesque, Clowning, Swing & Jazz Age Dances, Mila has been entertaining all over the world for over 15 years.

Her influences are mostly from the Golden Age of Hollywood Musicals, Circus, Vaudeville and is passionate about vintage culture and style. Mila choreographs her own numbers, is a costume designer and also writes music, scripts and comedy sketches for her own shows.

Photo: Holy Jo

She is a Clown/Magician’s daughter and grew up in Brazil surrounded by rabbits, puppets and top hats performing with her family’s circus troupe since she was a child. In her teenage years Mila spent most of her time in dance, theater and music schools, where she would also be teaching tap, jazz and burlesque for many years in Brazil and later workshops around the world and working with professional dance companies.

In 2014 Mila moved to Los Angeles and created TROPICAL FOLLIES – A Vaudevillian Extravaganza. A musical revue that celebrates the Latin American culture featuring Dance, Music, Comedy & Variety. Mila was delighted to bring Tropical Follies for it’s first tour opening for the band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes with their Holiday Tour around California in 2021.

Mila appeared in many music videos, shows and films including Pete Molinari’s ‘No Ordinary Girl’, Pokey LaFarge ‘Fine to Me’, Netflix Mank (2020), Babylon (2022), Bachelorette and Shannyn Sossamon’s ‘Maude Room’.

Mila is currently working on her debut EP while recording new music and planning a world tour with her partner and husband Pete Molinari, acclaimed British singer & songwriter.

Kristen Wright